For a massive population of 135 crore people, India is the most populous country growing at an unprecedented rate. To put that in simple number form, in 1947, India was some 350 million strong and in 72 years has grown 4 fold. That's an addition of over 1 billion people. By no measures does poverty... Continue Reading →


I've constantly heard that it's always better to settle out of court than to go to court and this intrigued me. With a large population which is poor, justice should be available at every nook and cranny like the age-old justice dispensation system where the village got together and resolved a matter under a tree.... Continue Reading →


#Vitarkka: Two of India's highest revenue generators are Cigarettes and Liquor. Both undoubtedly controversial. WHO's report said that over 1 Million (10 Lakh) Indians died as a result of various smoking diseases accounting for a staggering 9.5% of all deaths. 48% die due to Cardio Vascular Diseases (CVD), 23% due to Chronic respiratory disease (CRD),... Continue Reading →

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