#Vitarkka: 'Convolution' is rife in India on how our entire system is setup to cater to business. Be it the laws which govern business, banking mechanics, how our courts operate and the hygiene between business-people. In every corner an ecosystem is created which favours a particular community or clan. There are certain communities which get... Continue Reading →


#Vitarkka: World over there is this eternal need for corporates to create their government or be close to the government. Business has a vicious need to constantly post growth. It's critical to keep their investors happy by meeting targets. Hence...more markets, more products, newer versions, push ... push ... push. The most successful lobbying undoubtedly... Continue Reading →


#VITARKKA: India has always been a country obsessed with Elections as it feeds into the speculative nature of Indians and the fanfare which ensues is a delight for all. To exercise their vote amongst other fringe benefits is an added attraction and hence the famous saying ‘The Dance of Democracy’! The 140 Crore country lives... Continue Reading →

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