For a massive population of 135 crore people, India is the most populous country growing at an unprecedented rate. To put that in simple number form, in 1947, India was some 350 million strong and in 72 years has grown 4 fold. That's an addition of over 1 billion people. By no measures does poverty... Continue Reading →


Have you heard of Softbank $100 Billion vision fund? Backed by Saudi, UAE, apple and Qualcomm, this fund is investing in some of the new age companies like Uber and WeWorks. While most of the companies they invest in are driving great ideas, they have burgeoning valuations with massive losses. Take for example WeWorks. It... Continue Reading →


#Vitarkka: Disruption scares the living daylights out of people as the name itself conjures up images of destruction and mayhem. And this word coined especially for the use of start-ups all over the world and them being encouraged to state what they are or intend to ‘disrupt’ as it were the prerequisite for funding, this... Continue Reading →

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