It is no secret in India that we speak some Sanskrit every day. Any language be it Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada etc., have Sanskrit words in them. Yet somehow Sanskrit to the Indians has become a Taboo language. Till the 90’s, Sanskrit was available in schools and colleges as a language to study. Post 2000, it vanished to pave way for Hindi as the main language followed by the local language and in the case of International schools, French or Spanish as a language of choice. No Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is known to be a scientific language. Infact, most technical minds have the knowledge of Sanskrit. India many millenia ago was responsible for great achievements in astronomy, astrology and medicine and at a time when Sanskrit was rife. Today, Sanskrit has been relegated to a non-existent corner which in my opinion is a shame for India and its people.

While we have given our birth language a step-motherly treatment, countries like Germany and UK are making Sanskrit their main language and schools are rampantly teaching Sanskrit to their children. There is the belief that Sanskrit is the ideal language for computing whereby Artificial Intelligence will catapult to the next level with its usage.

In the recent past, Hindi has been pushed to becoming the National Language. With so many Urdu words in Hindi, it technically isn’t a choice for Hindus as this is a language born from the time of Mughals & British era and was created to push Sanskrit out of mainstream. The Historians should know this.

When Hindus visit temples all over India, all the mantras and shlokas which the purohits use to reach the gods are Sanskrit words and not any other language. So when this be the case, why are Indias averse to Sanskrit?

The Mughals and the British have left an indelible mark on the people of India to diss their own kind and their beliefs and make way for their culture which by the way has some of its roots from our culture and scriptures. The 1000s of years of Greek, Mughal and British invasion, not only lost India some of its prized treasures, but also its prized scriptures which over the past century are being unearthed and the meaning understood. The West didn’t know medicine if not for our scriptures which gave them the data. Yet the knowledge of medicine which exists in India is way superior to the knowledge they have unlocked.

Hindus should take pride in their heritage and bring Sanskrit back with a vengeance. This will bring the country back to its glorious days of unity and prosperity.

Raj Kaushik – Vitarkka

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