#Vitarkka: World over there is this eternal need for corporates to create their government or be close to the government. Business has a vicious need to constantly post growth. It’s critical to keep their investors happy by meeting targets. Hence…more markets, more products, newer versions, push … push … push.

The most successful lobbying undoubtedly happens in the US. But it is rampant in every country. So if you ever wonder how a bill came to pass, there will be a lobbyist and a corporate behind it. So who’s lobbying and what do they spend? Common sense tells us that lobbying happens but to get the actual numbers of these operations, one has to rely on anecdotal data alone. OpenSecrets shocks with this article showing the industries and their spend – https://www.opensecrets.org/lobby/top.php?indexType=i&showYear=2018.

So its not Oil who is the largest spender. Its Big Pharma. Followed by Insurance, Utilities and so on.

India’s annual budget is much smaller in comparison with the USA and China therefore India really has very little to spend making it a huge challenge to develop rapidly without creating massive debt. So lobbying in India in the past years undoubtedly has had its spotlight on Defence and Telecom, in the recent years has been moving to retail (Walmart, Amazon, Flipkart) and other areas.

While Lobbying is huge bucks for the lobbyist who are millionaires many times over, you would wonder if it is time to turn a lobbyist as its easy money in growing India.  As manufacturing takes an important stage in India, more lobbyists will be required to bridge the gap between government and companies mainly those coming from abroad. India is a complex place to work in and good lobbyists can play an important role.

Raj kaushik – Vitarkka

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